Moshling Plant
Angel Magic,Pepper,Pepper/Magic,Pepper,Star
Big Bad Bill Yellow Love + Black Star + Blue Star.
Chop Chop Any 3 dragon blossoms
Gingersnap Any magic+Any love+pepper
Squidge Any star, any pepper, any dragon
Snookums Star+star+star
Dj quack Any dragon, any moon, any star
Stanley any 2 love and any dragon


Any dragon, any moon, any dragon
Humphrey any daisy, any magic, any pepper
Angel any magic any pepper any pepper
Kissy Purple star, blue/yellow star, red/purple/yellow/black magic
Lady meowford Blue moon, pink moon, yellow/purple star
Dipsy red/pink moon, black/yellow moon, yellow love
Shelby black dragon, blue dragon, yellow/blue magic
Doris any 3 moons apart from blue
Blurp Purple moon, pink love, black love/blue moon
Sooki-Yaki Purple pepper, red magic, yellow magic OR Red magic yellow/purple magic black pepper
Priscilla Yellow apple, red moon, blue moon
Pooky Black magic, yellow magic, blue magic
Coolio pink apple, yellow star, any love
Fumble Red star, yellow love, red star/yellow magic OR yellow love, blue star, yellow magic
Flumpy Black moon, red magic, red star
Mr. Snoodle Red pepper, purple magic, blue pepper
Honey Yellow love, blue apple, purple magic
Hansel Blue/purple dragon, black magic, black moon
Ecto Red love, black love, pink/yellow/blue pepper
Tiki Red/purple star, pink love, red love OR purple love, blue star, red love
Peppy Red/black moon, purple moon, yellow magic
Cali Blue love, pink/purple magic, yellow love
jeepers Pink love, red/pink daisy, blue apple
Prof. purplex red / blue/yellow dragon, pink love, yellow moon
Waldo Pink love, purple/black dragon, red star
burnie Red apple, red apple, blue daisy
Gigi Blue pepper, red moon, yellow pepper
General Fuzuki Yellow love, purple star, red pepper
Gurgle Red dragon, yellow magic, purple love
Shishi Black daisy, yellow pepper, red dragon
Oddie Yellow star, black star, Purple star
Big bad bill Yellow love, black star, blue star
cutie pie pink star, blue dragon, purple daisy
I.G.G.Y. Purple daisy, purple daisy, black moon

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