Personality: combustible, dangerous, cheeky

Other Beasties:

Humphrey the snoring Hickopotumus

Jeepers the snuggly tiger cub

shishi the sneezing panda

Likes: Ash-flavoured hotcakes and the Fizzbangs new single

Dislikes: Fire estinguishers and round tables

Dear Diary,

These cheeky flying beasties get into all kinds of sizzly mayhem, especially if they've been guzzling gasoline. It's their favourite drink but it gives them terrible flaming hiccups. Stand back or you might get toasted! (I've been lightly barbecued a few times, but nothing too serious) Some time ago I discovered ancient scribblings in a cave by the Lava Lakes. My translator, Dr Unwin Babble, thinks they prove Frazzledragons were once employed by Super Moshis to heat up cauldrons of dew stew and chargill silly sausages.


Buster Bumblechops