With a name like Beasties, you would be forgiven for thinking these moshlings were wild and ferocious. Thankfully most of them are harmless, though I've had a few tricksy run-ins with them in my time. jeepers will even let you tickle its tummy if you hand over a few cans of swoonafish.Edit

Even Ultra Rare Fiercy Frazzledragons (burnie) can be kept as pets - so long as they don't get hiccups and burn the house down. Perhaps it would be best to kick-start you beastie collection with a Sneezing Panda (shishi). These snuffly channel surfers are happy to go anywhere there's a big screen and remote control.Edit

Or maybe you would plant some seeds for a Snoring Hicko (humphrey). They are pretty easy to attract and spend most of their time catching Zs. But so would you if you gulped lazy daisy moonshine allday.Edit

Most Moshlingologists believe Beasties are direct descendants of Sillysauruses, which means they are slightly related to Dinos. But don't tell them that. Who wants a snarly ol'lizard for a granddaddy?Edit

Oh yes, I almost forgot. All Beasties can recite the alphabet backwards.Edit

Ynnuf, huh!Edit



From left to right: shishi,jeepers,burnie,humphrey

Adapted from:

Moshi Monsters, the Moshling Collectors Guide